Defending A Traffic Ticket In Federal Court

Our Lawyers Appear Regularly In Federal Court

Many drivers' first response after being stopped and ticketed by a law enforcement officer is to pay the fine and accept the penalty points against their driver's license. However, these same drivers often have second thoughts if they receive enough subsequent tickets to force suspension of their driver's license or cause the threat of suspension.

Fighting a traffic ticket is a good idea more often than people realize. If a traffic ticket is issued on federal land in Western North Carolina, it may result in more severe penalties. If you receive a traffic ticket from a federal officer in Buncombe County, Haywood County or any surrounding counties, it is smart to enlist the help of a lawyer who has experience defending federal traffic violations. The attorneys at Macht & Schechet, PLLC, in Asheville, have that experience.

Federal Tickets Are Fought In Federal Court

Federal park rangers in the Smoky Mountains, on the Blue Ridge Parkway and on other federal land in Western North Carolina do cite motorists for traffic violations. If you wish to fight such a ticket, you must appear in federal court. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients in federal court, for speeding tickets as well as other violations.

In fact, if you receive a federal traffic ticket while visiting North Carolina from another state or country, we can frequently defend you without you returning to the state. There are important nuances to responding to a Parkway ticket or citations received on other federal property.

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