Expunction Can Clear Your Record And Open Up New Opportunities

It can be incredibly frustrating when you are about to get a job offer, but the hiring manager calls to tell you that after running a background check, the company has decided to move forward with someone else. Even old convictions or dismissed cases can come back to haunt you and make it difficult to land a job, secure a loan, gain approval for housing, and more. We can help.

Clean Up Your Criminal Record

At the law offices of Macht & Schechet, PLLC, in Asheville, our attorneys help clients who have past criminal convictions clean up their record. This can allow you to pursue more opportunities. An expunction, also referred to as an expungement, acts to erase certain misdemeanor or felony convictions from a person's record. North Carolina laws set specific rules for getting an issue removed from your criminal record. Our lawyers will guide you through the process in an effort to improve or clear your criminal record. Our team will:

  • Begin by asking you questions for a better understanding of your record, including the offense on your record, when you were charged, your age when charged and the case outcome
  • Lay out your options and advise you as to the immediate next steps
  • Remain in close contact throughout the entire process so you know the status of your case

We Can Help Create New Opportunities

We care about our clients, their rights and their futures, and we are ready to help. We serve clients in Buncombe County, Haywood County and all surrounding counties. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 828-252-0002 or contact us online.