We Defend Against Drunk Driving Charges

Anyone can face drunk driving charges: professionals, college students, out-of-state travelers, underage drivers, parents — anyone. Many drivers facing their first charge are concerned about jail time, huge insurance increases, their reputation and how the charge will impact their future. The Asheville attorneys at Macht & Schechet, PLLC, can explain your options and work to secure the results you need.

Did Police Have Probable Cause To Pull You Over?

We will assess every aspect of your arrest as we work to protect your rights. Attorneys Michael J. Macht and Joel D. Schechet have extensive experience handling all driving under the influence (DUI) charges and related issues, including:

We will ease your anxiety as we discuss your options, counsel you on next steps and work to minimize the impact that a DUI has on your life. We understand how courts handle these cases and know the options that can help mitigate the penalties you face. For out-of-state clients who are arrested while visiting North Carolina, we often are able to resolve the matter without requiring your return.

Schedule A Meeting To Discuss Your Legal Options

Contact our firm today. We help people facing drunk driving charges in Buncombe and Haywood County and the surrounding area. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 828-252-0002 or use our online contact form. If your loved one is still in jail under following a drunk driving arrest, we will go to the jail to speak with him or her and work to get your loved one released.