Have You Been Hurt In A Truck Accident?

Professional truck drivers can be under a lot of pressure to make their deliveries, stay on their routes and get from one place to another in a hurry. This could lead them to drive when conditions are unsafe or they are otherwise unable to make good decisions on the road.

People in Asheville and in the surrounding areas who have been hurt in an accident caused by a truck often consult with personal injury attorney Michael J. Macht. Mike is familiar with how to handle truck accident cases, and he is a compassionate advocate for his clients who knows how to protect their interests when they are faced with medical bills from their accident.

A Lawyer Who Fights Hard For His Clients

When you work with Michael J. Macht, you'll benefit from an experienced attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies — and when to take a case to trial if necessary. He takes a personal interest in his clients and keeps them up to date on the progress of their case.

Truck accidents can occur based on a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • An inexperienced 18-wheeler driver who is unfamiliar with how to handle the vehicle
  • A drowsy driver who has exceeded the limit on the number of permissible driving hours in a given time frame
  • A driver who is impaired due to drugs or alcohol
  • A truck driver who knowingly drives a vehicle that is unsafe or mechanically defective

Whatever the cause of the truck crash that has injured you, work with Michael J. Macht to get the compensation you deserve. Call him today for a free consultation at 828-252-0002 or email his office via the online form on this website.