A Bicycle Accident Can Alter Your Life Forever

Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to be serious, even fatal, to those people involved. When a bike is involved, however, the potential for injury can increase substantially. Even a rider who wears reflective clothing, a helmet and other safety gear is no match for a car, truck or other vehicle in the event of a bicycle accident.

When people in the greater Asheville area are injured in a pedestrian accident or bicycle accident, they need a lawyer they can depend on for responsive, compassionate service. Attorney Michael J. Macht has been helping people with their legal issues in North Carolina for many years, and he is eager to put that experience to use as your representative.

While You Recover, We'll Do Right By You

Bicycle riders are particularly susceptible to head injuries, including concussions, which can occur with even the most up-to-date helmet. A traumatic brain injury (known as TBI) can have not only immediate but also long-term effects, including blurred vision, headaches and — in extreme cases — brain damage.

As a personal injury attorney, Michael J. Macht knows how important it is for injured people to get the compensation they deserve. The road to recovery can be a long one, and medical bills, time lost from earning at a job, and physical impairments can make it even more difficult. Rely on Mike to take care of fighting battles with insurance companies so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

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